Success Stories

Dirk De Kauwe

Current Role with TLC: Physiotherapist Aide at TLC Homewood


Dirk De Kauwe

“I started at TLC Homewood in September 2012 as a casual PCA, picking up as many shifts as possible after finding the home atmosphere more comfortable, easy-going and less stressful than my previous workplace.

I worked as a PCA receiving more shifts and soon became a permanent staff member. I was also given the opportunity to complete my medication competency and began working shifts as a PCA Medicator.

As I continued working, I was asked to become a Health and Safety Representative for the home. I continue serving as the HSR today.

With TLC, I have had continuous opportunities enabling me to embrace more trusting responsibilities, friendships with staff and a great working rapport with the residents. I was delighted to receive the prestigious TLC Chairman’s Award in 2016.

After filling in the role temporarily and receiving a TLC Scholarship to study the role further, I was promoted to become the new full-time Allied Health Assistant at Homewood, where I happily continue working today.

I am thankful for the opportunities to which I have had access throughout my time as part of Team TLC.


Sarah Barker

Current Role: General Manager at Warralily Gardens


Sarah Baker

I began working as an RN PPT three days per week doing night duty for a period of 2 years, I then was promoted to the Team leader role and had worked in the role for a period of time of 5-6 years. During this time I would step in and assist the GM with Annual leave.

Completed a diploma of business management with TLC and also completed a series of other training courses with TLC such as leadership days.

It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to apply for the GM position with the support from the ROM and TLC team that I gained the confidence to take on the role. I love my job, and I have a great team within the home as well as a great support network from HO.

Yaxin (Sia) Yu

Current Role: Quality Systems Coordinator at Head Office


I started my career with TLC 7 years ago as a shy RN with some overseas experience, a good post-grad education and not knowing what to expect from my colleagues in my first placement in TLC.

After my placement, I secured permanent employment as a part-time Registered Nurse and then was promoted to RN Team Leader in Marina’s Memory Support unit. In April 2017, I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to second into the role of Quality Advisor and from there was permanently promoted to the position of Quality Systems Coordinator in January 2018. This role challenges me professionally and has enabled the development of my skills beyond that of a registered nurse.

The job has changed my life professionally and personally. The extra level of respect, professionalism, and the strong team mentality in the workplace has not only boosted my confidence and professional development but I really feel like I have a second family. It’s nice to be cared for and if you don’t care for each other in the workplace then how can we deliver the care required by our residents? That’s why I’m a proud long-time team member at TLC. We hope to welcome you to the team.