About Us

TLC Healthcare was founded in 2015 when TLC Aged Care entered a new era of providing primary care and industry training in addition to residential aged care services. To accurately represent the new direction of the organisation, TLC Healthcare became the group's new corporate identity with TLC Primary Care, TLC Aged Care and TLC Learning as its operating brands. This new structure gave TLC the flexibility to be innovative as well as being able to diversify into the future. 

TLC Healthcare is embarking on an investment strategy to revitalise residential aged care. The investment will ensure that our residents and the wider community have access to quality medical services and the highest standards in residential aged care.

Integrated Healthcare

At TLC we’re looking at aged care from a new perspective. Our innovative ‘community healthcare hubs’ will provide Australia’s first fully integrated healthcare service with aged care at its core.

Medical Centres will be incorporated into our homes to provide residents, their families and the local community with access to:

  • general practitioners
  • retail pharmacies
  • physiotherapy
  • mobile radiology
  • pathology
  • telehealth
  • day respite
  • other allied health services

This integrated healthcare model will provide benefits for residents, their families, medical professionals and the local community.

For residents, the presence of these services are intended to provide certainty of medical supervision, continuity of care, medication management, reduced clinical errors, greater convenience, better clinical outcomes and a connection to their local community.

Local communities will benefit from state-of-the-art medical services in one location. Our medical centres will allow people to access a range of healthcare services without the need to travel to multiple locations.

Medical professionals and health service providers will have access to the latest infrastructure, nursing support specialising in chronic disease management, on-site diagnostic services and administration support. These services combined with our business model, will make the centres an attractive financial proposition for health professionals.

Work on our new medical centres will begin in 2014 and is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

“This new era of aged care will have far reaching benefits for our residents, their families and the wider community.” - Lou Pascuzzi, CEO