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TLC Early Learning offers a unique intergenerational program consisting of regular activities with residents of the co-located residential aged care home, Whitewater.

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Jellyfish - TLC Early Learning's Intergenerational Program

TLC Early Learning’s curriculum is enhanced by “Jellyfish,” an intergenerational program in which children participate in learning with and from residents of the co-located TLC Aged Care home, Whitewater.

Our intergenerational program encompasses opportunities for children to learn and grow with older people. This learning takes many forms, including activities such as Tai Chi, memory games, reading and storytelling, singing,  drawing, playing musical instruments, and gardening.


The Research

TLC Early Learning is working in collaboration with Melbourne University and Griffith University. 

Professor Anneke Fitzgerald, Department of Business Strategy and Innovation of Griffith University is involved in TLC Early Learning’s intergenerational program. A pioneer in intergenerational research, Anneke is the founder of the Australian Institute for Intergenerational Practice, which aims to consolidate evidence with practice. This work measures the effects of intergenerational learning programs on socioeconomic markers, workforce sustainability and educational theory for older people. 

An intergenerational model within four settings has already been trialed to investigate its feasibility and sustainability in the Australian context.

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"We believe that creating intergenerational programs will provide purpose, improve the overall experience of ageing and create age-friendly communities, resulting in a range of benefits for children and parents, the elderly and their carers, as well as the workforce and society as a whole."
Professor Anneke FitzgeraldDepartment of Business Strategy and Innovation, Griffith University

The Benefits

A special synergy exists between children and older people. Our intergenerational program brings different generations together to share knowledge, values, experiences and skills that are mutually beneficial and nurture positive relationships.

Intergenerational programs have considerable benefits that include:

  • strengthening communities to become more age-friendly by breaking down barriers between ages
  • promoting understanding, respect, and sharing of ideas, knowledge, and experience
  • teaching the young about ageing while reminding older people about youth
  • establishing relationships that help diminish the impact of declining physical and mental health on older people
  • establishing relationships that help create a sense of connection supporting the children’s emotional intelligence development
  • improving health outcomes and quality of life for older people
  • building self-esteem and satisfaction for both age groups through the learning of new skills.
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