Learning Environment

Learn more about the learning environment at TLC Early Learning Mordialloc.

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Learning Environment


TLC Early Learning Mordialloc explored its proximity to the foreshore and has incorporated an ‘under the sea’ theme across the centre.


Rooms are light and airy and contain age-appropriate toys and learning materials to encourage exploration, discovery, and interaction.


With an appreciation of the natural environment and an emphasis on sustainability, TLC Early Learning Mordialloc deliberately emphasises natural materials in its decor, furniture, and equipment.

Outdoor Spaces

Our outdoor spaces reflect our focus on sustainability. A vegetable garden, worm farm, and recycling allow the children to develop environmental awareness and provide a base for their ongoing education. The outdoor playground also features a generous secure undercover area, providing the children with a great space, whatever the weather brings. Age-appropriate, safe, outdoor play equipment includes a fabulous rocking boat that links to our ‘under the sea’ theme.

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Intentional Teaching

Educators at TLC Early Learning Mordialloc plan educational experiences (intentional teaching). During the day, each group of children is provided with a variety of hands-on investigations that reflect each child’s individual interests, experiences and developmental needs. Active engagement with educators, other children, and their surroundings inspires them to make sense of their world. Experiences are designed to promote collaborative opportunities to strengthen and support each child’s continuous learning journey. Learning is a reciprocal process that encourages children to ask questions, communicate ideas and reflect on their experiences.

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Our Programs

TLC Early Learning Mordialloc offers a distinct program for each of the five age groups across our nine rooms.

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Our Handbook

TLC Early Learning Mordialloc’s handbook contains detailed information about what we do, our philosophy and values, curriculum, literacy and numeracy experiences, and more.