TLC Medical Centres Noble Park offers a comprehensive range of services.

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Experience the healing benefits of water with hydrotherapy.

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We’re specialists in physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation.

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Visit our podiatrists for expert foot care. We treat all foot ailments with personalised attention.

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Dietetics and Nutrition

Experience the transformative power of dietetics and nutrition.

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Hearing Health

Visit our experienced hearing specialists and audiologists.

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Skin Checks

Take the first step towards healthier skin with a preventive skin evaluation.

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Chronic Disease

Empowering wellness through chronic disease management.

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We provide a range of essential immunisation services.

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Aged Care Specialists

We're your trusted partner to plan a smooth transition into aged care.

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Pre-employment Medicals

Providing high-quality care and support to both employers and employees.

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NDIS Services

Connect with our specialist NDIS experts.